Energy Code Compliance - Duct & Blower Door testing

Energy Wise Solutions is staffed to efficiently meet your testing and certification needs with fewer retests and excellent customer service, regardless of your company size! 

Whether you are looking for a new testing company or a backup to your existing service provider, we can meet your need. We understand your time is important and that you have a new deadline every day. Our processes are streamlined such that our work is transparent, fast, and efficient. You’ll have the results you need when you need them. We’ll even train your staff and contractors to ensure fewer testing failures. 

HERS Rating Certification

Did you know that the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) has a place for your home's HERS Score and that this is how home buyers determine the energy efficiency of homes? It's similar to the miles per gallon (MPG) of a car. 
Are your customers asking for homes that are more energy efficient, have lower utility bills, and are built to have less of an impact on the environment? If so, getting a HERS Score on your homes will show their efficiency.

For example, a house with a HERS Score of 65 (above) is 35% more efficient than a house built to the 2006 IECC Code (reference home) which has a HERS Score of 100. It is also about 20% more efficient than a house built to the 2009 IECC Code (HERS Score of 85).

Before you build, take the time to understand and improve the efficiency rating of the home. As nationally certified Raters, we can advise you on how to produce more comfortable and energy efficient homes and measure it! The process only requires two (2) inspections, one at the insulation stage and one when the house is built. In the end, your home gets a HERS Score and your customer get a nationally recognized certification from RESNET as to the energy rating and projected energy use of the home. 

Energy Star Certification

Thinking about making that next house Energy Star? Some of your competitors are building them but you don't know what it really means or what is involved? Perhaps you are loosing sales because your homes don't have a HERS Score and aren't Energy Star Certified. Let us help you increase your market share!

Homes that are Energy Star Certified provide; lower utilty bills, greater comfort, and better air quality. In addition, homeowners feel good about their purchase because they are doing their part to help protect the environment. Energy Star homes are built to stricter and sometimes higher standards that require a 3rd party inspection. We are your 3rd party inspection company! In many cases, you are already installing materials and performing functions that meet the Energy Star standard, you just need to get credit for it! 

Energy Star Homes have a special designation on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). If you're not building Energy Star homes, your company won't appear in the search results and you may be overlooked!

Give us a call if you are interested in learning more. Our staff is accredited and experienced at certifying Energy Star homes and can help you and your HVAC company become accredited too. Start building more energy efficient and sustainable homes today!

Solar PV

Take the next step and put your homes above the rest. Have us install solar! Home buyers are looking for long term cost savings, energy efficiency options, and environmentally friendly solutions. We provide a service and roofing warranty with every installation and our products have a 25 year manufacturer warranty. Solar is virtually maintenance free! Our team is NABCEP certified and able to provide expert consulting and installations. At Energy Wise Solution you will find professionalism and personalized customer service for you and your customer. 

Homeowners receive a 30% Federal tax credit in NC and an additional 25% State tax credit in SC. Let our team create a standard and scalable system for your homes that can be expanded by the homeowner in the future. Set your homes apart from all others in the market!