New Home

Say goodbye to power companies and high utility bills and say hello to your sustainable "Wise Home"

A Wise Home doesn't need a power company for electricity and heating/cooling comfort or a water company to get clear, clean, and healthy drinking water. Energy Wise Solutions has eliminated the need for these utilities and related expenses by utilizing the latest advances in solar power, electric battery storage, solar water heating, rain water collection, and construction materials and techniques to build off-grid utility free homes!


SECURITY - physical and financial 
  Wise Homes ... 
     - are built with Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF's) walls, providing a secure storm shelter.
     - include water, HVAC, and electrical fail safe redundancy features. 
     - are built with high durability and low maintenance materials.
     - have wide doors for convenience and handicap accessibility.    
     - offer custom Security System options.
     - provide superior air quality with air tight construction, HEPA filtration, controlled ventilation, and humidity control. 
     - require little to no utility or maintenance costs.
     - have warranty maintenance service.
COMFORT  - for you and your family 
   Wise Homes ...
     - offer excellent thermal comfort through radiant floor systems which are considered far superior to forced air.
     - offer retractable central vacuum systems.
     - offer whole house audio systems allowing you to conveniently control the audio source for each room independently.
     - offer numerous automated systems.
     - can easily meet the highest levels of certification for LEED for Homes (USGBC) and Energy Star (US Department of Energy). 
     - can greatly reduce asthma and allergy attics.

INDEPENDENCE - from utilities and municipalities
  Wise Homes ...
     - offer independence from utility bills through renewable energy and site managed water systems.

See how the materials and performance of a typical new house compare to a Wise Home.


Total Wall thickness
Wall material
Wall insulation
Ceiling insulation
Roofing material
Roof deck
Heating & cooling
Heating & cooling redundancy
Air filtration
Duct air leakage
House air leakage
Water supply
Water supply redundancy
Water fixtures

Average house

5 inches
2 x 4 wood stud, 16" on center
3 tab shingle, 20 yr warranty
No radiant barrier
No insulated slab floor
80% efficient furnace, SEER 14 A/C
Spun glass filter - partial dust only
6% - code minimum
5% - code minimum  
        1.5 gpm - code minimum
        1.6 gpf - code minimum
        incandescent and some CFL
Wise Home

        18 inches
12 "concrete and 6" foam board
Metal, 50 yr warrranty
Radiant barrier for cooler attic
R-10 Insulated slab floor
Solar thermal radiant floor heating
Heat pump, SEER 18
HEPA MERV 12 with .3 micron capture
< 3%
< 3%
Well with purification
Rain water cistern with purification
1.0 gpm - Low flow
1.0 gpf - high pressure