Home Owners

We offer a wide variety of services to help you improve your home's performance and decrease your energy use, regardless of how old or new your home is. At Energy Wise Solutions, you will find professionalism and personalized service because customer service is our top priority. We work with your schedule. All of our staff is nationally accredited and certified to perform the services that we offer so that you know you are getting good advice and a quality installation.

Energy Audits

Are your electric, gas, or water bills high or out of control? Are specific rooms uncomfortable during certain times of the day or year? Do you have allergies? Does your entire family suffer from headaches, nausea, and joint pain? The problem could be your house and we can help! Our RESNET certified HERS Raters and BPI Building Analysts work for you and have nothing to sell. We assess your home, tell you what is causing the problem, and tell you how it needs to be fixed. We summarize our findings in an easy to understand report with photographs of your home so you can see exactly what and where the problem is. When you decide to have the problem fixed, we will even act as your agent to ensure that your contractors are doing the work properly the first time. Don't know who to use? We can recommend a qualified contractor! 

Solar PV

Are you looking to reduce your electric bill? Do you like the idea of energy efficiency savings and doing your part to save the environment? Are you thinking about a plug in electric vehicle? If your answer is "Yes" to any of these, then solar is for you! Our team is NABCEP certified and able to provide expert consulting, design, and installation. All it takes is a phone call so we can initially assess your home and lot orientation and discuss your needs. We guarantee our work and provide a 2 year roofing warranty with every installation. Most of the products we use come with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty. The best part is that solar electric (PV) is virtually maintenance free! Homeowners are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit in NC and an additional 25% State tax credit in SC.